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4 definitions by antony davies

a hole between cubicals in a public restroom or a kinky underground sex dungeon.
robert:i give a guy some pleasure today though 1 of the glory holes in town.

tim:yea i got a blowjob from one of them

robert+tim:UH OH
by antony davies July 07, 2005
311 194
a total wanker who nobody likes
ben:that wanker tom keeps stealing my vodka

harry:that toss pot
by antony davies July 14, 2005
47 32
it means shut up.mostly used by chavs
nikky:i drank 2 bottles of vodka in quarter of an hour

chav:shat up,no way
by antony davies July 07, 2005
16 6
when 1 feels like sex really bad.
look at those two going at it like a couple of horny dogs
by antony davies July 07, 2005
74 84