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A Mexican person living in the United States that supposedly eats beans. Usually an illegal imigrint that recently crossed the US border
Hey beaner, wheres your leaf blower?
by Anton December 19, 2003
Tense of pwn.

An internet chat language variety/version of the word "owned", used in the sence of beating/defeating/outclassing someone. Usually used in games such as Counter-strike or on messageboards when a user posts arguments or insults that can't possibly be counter-argued.

Arguably considered so-called "l33t-speak"
"I pwnd you that round" "You just got pwnd dude" "I am going to pwn you like I did your mother last night"
by Anton May 11, 2003
home to one of the best, most advanced armies of 17th and 18th century - cossaks
Ukrainian Cossacks kicked everyon's ass.
by anton May 04, 2004
A person who appears ready to leave a job or relationship, presumably for a better opportunity elsewhere.
"Aaron's a definite flight risk, I hear he's posted on monster.com"
by Anton September 04, 2003
An enjoyable alternative rock band.
Midtown is infinitely better than Senses Fail because they actually write good music.
by Anton December 09, 2004
The united states passenger railroad in 47 out of 50 states.

Provides long and short distance travel for passengers.
I am going on Amtraks Coast Starlight next month.
by Anton February 19, 2005
Whoh-keesh! (Sound of cracking of bullwhip whenever a guy does what his woman tells him to)
Don't surprise me that he's so pussy whipped, being that he's so damn submissive to his girl!
by Anton May 08, 2003
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