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1. Frappacino with a little added flavor preferably semen or cooter juice. Can be served hot or cold and most be drank completely.
Brett mixed up a giant CUM FRAP for his best friend Allie. She took it with pleasure and drank it to the very last drop and wiped the sticky juice from her lips.
by Anthony6969 July 16, 2006
The art of fisting a pigeon. Before punching, the puncher must verbally challenge the bird to a battle to the death. Once the challenge is initiated there is no going back. If pigeon perishes, body must be photographed. If pigeon is victorious then you fail at life and must gut your cooter/penis. OWWWWWWW! Fuck those pigeons up! This sport began in San Jose , CA at NYLF.
1: Naked Brett went pigeon punching and threw its carcas into a moving bus, after photographing it.
2: Lindsey annihilated a pigeon with a 15 lbs Halibat.
3: Allie choked a pigeon with her flaming cooter.
4: Tatiana and Flames grilled and baked numerous pigeons in their flaming cooter hairs.
by Anthony6969 July 16, 2006
a sangwich consisting oF sourdough bread, ground panda meat, lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup, guava jelly, camel semen, bamboo, twat waffles, cooter juice, and a big fat juicy pickle.

goes good with a cum frap.
Allie:Welcome to Douchewaffle Hut. May i take your order?
Brett: Yes, I'd like a panda sandwich, no big fat juicy pickle, and a cum frap.
by anthony6969 July 15, 2006
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