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A psychic stalker is someone who stalks you in the psychic realm. They cast spells to help their ghosts follow you around everywhere you go. They can see out of your eyes, and they never leave you alone. Not even in your sleep. They even stalk you in your dreams. They hear what you hear, see what you see, smell what you smell, and taste what you taste.
Psychic Stalker: That thing in front of you, I can see it.
Tony: What? How can you see that if your not even anywhere near me?
Psychic Stalker: I'm calling the cops
Tony: You don't want me to know how you obtained your powers.
Psychic Stalker: That's right, and you'll never find out.
by Anthony Wheeler September 27, 2007
To take something away from someone or something. To change someeone or something.
I was sitting down typing on the computer, but then I got murdured and had to go do something else.
by Anthony Wheeler September 27, 2007
a set of terms that must be met or else your in deep shit.
"If you don't meet the 5 conditions of the ULTIMADUM I've set, your in deep shit!"
by Anthony Wheeler October 15, 2007
a chicken shit way to steal money from a tennant. Usually after the tennant has paid it's rent to the Land Lord, in this case after the Land Lord gets it's payment for the room it will then turn around and say "Get out of this house!" to the person it was renting to.
Yeah that's great and all about your computer and your plans and goals but what I really feel like saying is "Get out of this house!" Now! not later Now! "Get out of this house!"
by Anthony Wheeler October 23, 2007
To stop what you are doing and do something different.
I was driving down the street and I stopped at a red light, that was the death of my foward progress.
by Anthony Wheeler September 27, 2007
Something that a chickenshit sissy would say when it couldnt squash its own beef.
This chickenshit sissy was jeallous of what I was doing so it told me "your to get murdured" and then I stopped doing what I was doing.
by Anthony Wheeler September 27, 2007
What scum faced rat loosers mumble under their breath or to themselves when they don't get what they want.

A major major major tool in the bag of tricks that a character named "Double Standard" uses on perfectly innocent people.

(to ones self, not out loud)
Tony just bummed a ciggarette from me, "I'm calling the cops."
by Anthony Wheeler September 27, 2007

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