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3 definitions by anthony stone

the word "gatu" comes from the fashion designer willgatu when you call call someone "gatu" means he is dressed nice, looks good, or is wearing alot of jewerly
damn whoadie you all gatued out and shit
by anthony stone September 06, 2005
a slang word for cocain,crack,ice,meth,
thats about it
i thank god every night for taking me off that pearlygirl-solja slim(R.I.P)
by anthony stone November 13, 2005
whipcream is gas money
whip= car
c.r.e.a.m= cash rules everything around me
so there for whipcream is another word for gas money
hey ill give you some whipcream if you drive me to that party
by anthony stone September 06, 2005