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68 definitions by ant

A pimp of sheep. Usually found in Wales, or else is a Welsh talking... gentleman.
"Damn that sheep pimp, he feckin' gave me a ram!"
by Ant October 09, 2004
12 9
Those which is most sacred, cherished, and respected on the female body.
They often attract large crowds (see orgy) of male observers (see perverts) or male organs (see wangs). Also oftentimes licked or squeezed.

See also:
dirty pillows
Holy shit! Look at the jahoobies on that girl, Germ - That is A+ material!
by Ant November 11, 2003
14 11
BEST BAND EVER!!! (apart from Frenzal Rhomb and the Hard-Ons) They rock the worlds socks!
I love The Meanies and you love the meanies and we love the meanies
by ant January 12, 2005
1 4
A fucking hilarious noise that you make while having your first period or orgasm.
I fucked this girl who was salabaderting while having her first orgasmic experience as i was skeeting in her eye!
by Ant June 03, 2004
0 3
A poopanbinder is a word to describe somebody that has no freinds.
Amy is poopanbinderish.
by Ant April 22, 2004
0 3
strongbad's brother who is very sad most of the time (well... all the time). He also has a great memery of young strongbad.

(found at homestarrunner.com)
strongbad: "All I can say is... strongsad's adopted." Strongsad: "Thats not ture!"
by Ant December 23, 2003
9 12
Gettin yo big ugly nose in other peoples business
Yo, why u always up in my business?
by Ant December 14, 2003
9 12