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1 definition by another techer

A vocational school in Lincroft, NJ mainly defined by its statuses as 7th in the nation for public schools last year, and 4th in the nation this year.

It is filled with some of the brightest people you can find, but if you're not ready to work like hell I wouldn't recommend it. People hear about the ranking and average SAT scores and go there in order to impress colleges. Regardless, if you're lazy, this school will not make you much smarter. Homework is manageable if you don't procrastinate. So basically, if you're 95% of our class, homework isn't manageable.

Environmentally (from the perspective of a sophomore)
Almost all the girls there aren't attractive physically, and a minority are also blessed with awful personalities, either talking to you about something boring and geeky, or crying over something that is not worth crying over. The freshmen are nice but their hallway smells like someone lit a pile of shit on fire. As a sophomore, I'd say that we have a generally nice class, with only a handful of asses and most of those being girls who no one talks to anyway. There are a nice amount of great upperclassmen, but too many of them are dickish people who give their class a bad reputation. We seem to have no defined cliques nor any real fights.

You don't need to take notes but you should pay attention, because it makes everything easier to not study for. There is a quiz in something almost every day, and most of your classmates will do all their homework or studying in the morning or at lunch. The main problem everyone seems to have with our teachers is that they (the ones people complain about) don't teach, but if you go to extra help, you will do better. On an average day, you come into whatever class you have, sit down and receive some random graded test or quiz you took the week before. If you did well, you will smile and put it in your binder as someone across the room complains about their getting the same grade you just got (a ploy for sympathy, i.e. "OMG I FAILED I GOT A 90," as if another person will think "a 90 is failing to them? they must be smart!"). If you did badly, an ugly girl will approach you and haughtily ask you what you got. I don't know why, I didn't make the rules, it's just what always happens. The engineering classes are kind of a joke. You will learn some things, but no matter how badly you do on quizzes and tests 96 or higher, and so far that rule applies to both freshman and sophomore year. Apparently all the classes we take are honors, but I don't really see any difference between these and the ones I had in middle school.

Punch Michael Phelps in the balls and then jump into a pool to understand how hard it is to lose your virginity here. I'm serious. Everyone will be your friend, your only problem making social plans will be the large distances from everyone. You'll get bored as hell after a while if you don't maintain your relationships with your middle school friends. Not being able to meet many new people is hellish. Everyone gets kind of boring eventually with grade sizes of 70 or less. Any new inside jokes will get killed by people who don't get them in a matter of days.

The 4 years there will be kind of a bitch but if you get in and are smart enough to go then you don't really have any other choice.
Asia + Stress^2 - Girls = High Tech High
by another techer May 24, 2009