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2 definitions by anonymousleigh

Weird girl with intense eyes and incredible sex appeal. Their oras radiate red, like fire. Strong aggression. She's like a Martian pin-up. Make good life long, intriguing friends.

Very smart, very strange but also extremely beautiful w/ a curvaceous body and a good heart. Looks almost like she was sculpted or something. Alien like weirdness and exeudes extreme confidence but honestly insecure w/o the need to be. Can't see what the world sees.

Stunning girl with a crazy beautiful mind and doesn't care what people think so she inadvertently becomes a leader all the time because of people's fascination.
Kerri, you're a sexy freakin weirdo. I am your best friend of 10 years but ill never understand you.
by AnonymousLeigh October 11, 2013
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The pronoun "leigh" is used as a name, assigned to a person at birth who is destined to develop certain characteristics, including, but not limited to, magnificence and extraordinariness in all aspects, and an inconceivably humorous personality. The addition of leigh to the word "serious" allows for a more care-free, rather light-hearted, connotation of the reference word "seriously", presenting an oxymoron in itself. Furthermore, the word "leigh" may be used to replace the word "ly" in any adverb and almost any word, where appropriate. Seriousleigh is a general representation of such words.
Seriousleigh, inevitableigh, unfortunateleigh, extraordinarileigh, humorousleigh, etc.
by anonymousleigh January 26, 2007
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