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The most powerful punch known to man. Many believe it to be more lethal than a Chuck Norris Round-House Kick, and if one attains a nine hundred thousand trillion killstreak in Call of Duty, a Franklin Punch is earned. It kills everything anywhere on the map that you want to kill.
Chris got Franklin Punched with a left hand, and he was knocked out and had a red eye for months. He barely survived.
by anonymousjulianstudent69 April 25, 2011
A term for the words on Urban Dictionary that are profane or inappropriate, and are incredibly irrelevant.
1: So then we did a Urethra Franklin.
2: What's that?
1: Look it up on Urban Dicktionary.

3: He got Goblin Punched
4: That sound like a word from Urban Dicktionary
by anonymousjulianstudent69 May 15, 2011
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