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2nd of them fps halo series. first one was shit, second one's twice the shit. both games have charcters who wear armoures that look like turtle's shells. they also carry undescribable weapons. unfortunately its saddening that most people who play these games are douchebags who got nothin to do to update their lives.
"wanna play halo2?"
"nah,id rather play pacman"
by anonymous.360 May 30, 2007
crappiest and most boring fps xbox games out there. characterised by gay characters wearing thick, ugly armour and carrying undescribable funny looking weapons. was, (until recently when more civilised games arrived), the only reason why people bought and still buy the xbox. its extremely saddening that most people who play this game are douchebags who have nothing to do to update their lives.
"hey u wanna play halo and halo2?"
"hell no! i'd rather play pacman instead"
"what about halo 3?"
"whats wrong with u?!"
"im suffering from douchebag syndrome"
by anonymous.360 May 27, 2007

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