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A total violation of the most sacred and delicate part of another person, male or female. Stripped of all human dignity, and left to feel afraid that leaves the sufferer in an almost catatonic state of depression. Not a subject matter to be made light of. Mostly commited by evil and inhumane educated or uneducated chauvinists with a greedy sense of self entitlement, in every area of their lives. From reading the other comments, that doesn't match the characters of other users.
Any form of rape or sexual aggro: Discreetly, and sensitively use your well developed imaginations.
usually in the aftermath of some trauma which may have occured during ones formative years. A violation and ungodly act of hurt caused by the callous insensitivity of those who should know not to pick on those who are way too vulnerable, and simply can't take it. Revulsion and anger towards the physical self perhaps because of some deep hurt, i.e, abuse, bullying, sexual aggression, etc cetera.
Self harm as an act can encompass a variety of destructive behaviours, from cutting, burning, to shaving ones hair. I slashed my arms to ribbons due to a fragile mental state, 'cause i felt violent towards "them", for crossing a boundary with me, they thought i was "weird" and relentlessly mocked and degraded me, got used as a sexual punching bag when much younger. Has a devastating impact on sufferer, loss of sound mind, proper emotional development, limited life opportunities, inability to have healthy human relationships, don't trust others that they won't end up hurting me, just like all the rest. Hopelessness and apathy about mankind. A throbbing heart.....I could write a novella about it!

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