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a disturbing place where distressed teenage boys and girls can confess all of the demented and twisted things they have done. there are four known types of grouphug posts.
1: a long, almost poetic love confession that usually ends in "oh god i need help" or "i love you (insert name) so much i want to kill you/myself"

2: a long ass life story about all the horrible things you have done.

3: a short, ridiculous comment on something completely random such as "I make a sTinKy and i likey"

4: a confession that is so utterly disturbing and/or disgusting,one just has to read it and feel ashamed to be a human being

ex: I work at a pizza hut. whenever I see a hot chick, i ejaculate into the pizza dough. alot of women out there don't know that they have eaten sperm

in conclusion: good for a laugh, but may destroy your sanity and/or make you hate the human race
by anonymous contributor March 08, 2005
A german hacker who likes to force musical groups to file for chapter 11
Disaster! You've been hacked by ace german hacker W1MBL3! he's gained access to your accounts and nicked a third of your money, and he's been sighted sunning it up in Rio on your hard-earned!
by anonymous contributor April 13, 2005
A paranormal phenomena who haunts the ranks of the internet. His identity and orgin remain unsolved. He is feared by all and has the entire population of the world scared when he uses his catch phrase (see boo)
I am afraid of The Phantom Admin, I hope he doesn't spook my rating.
by anonymous contributor April 13, 2005
Side-kick of The Phantom Admin only instead of coming in the shape of another ghoul or goblin. This powerful being has come in the shape of a small orange vegetable that can be dominated by a small bunny. Don't be fooled by its exterior, this carrot stays close with The Phantom Admin. So if you know what's good for you, don't mess with this being
That carrotmin may be as scary as those Vegetales (wait....Vegetales are scary.....anyways) I wouldn't dare mess with it.
by anonymous contributor April 13, 2005
To make a large impact on a site and magically vanish from the face of the earth
Q: Where is he?
A: I donno, looks like he robsa'd on us
by anonymous contributor April 13, 2005
Lover Of Sheep
Puker Of Couches
Wiganese Muppet Of Earth
Q: Where's Rocket Ronny?
A: Did you check to see if he was passed out drunk on the curb? (wait....that's not an answer.....)
by anonymous contributor April 13, 2005
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