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4 definitions by anonumous

Someone who ends the majority of their sentences with an uncomfortable laugh.
From the Rick and Bubba Show.
Hi. (ha ha) Do you want to go out tonight? (hee hee) We could go to that new Itallian resturant. (ha ha hee he)
by anonumous April 08, 2005
6 0
Don't let up. To keep on doing what you are doing.
Redneck #1 in pickup truck is spinning his tires, and redneck #2 yells" "Stay in it!"
by anonumous April 08, 2005
3 2
1-a perverted monk on inuyasha, has a kazaana in right hand similar to a black hole
2-another name for maitreya, the 5th reincarnation of buddha
3-a member on the renalert forums, seemse to be intelligent, almost never flames, makes references to immortality, gets off topic easily
miroku said that mortals constantly bother him
by anonumous December 19, 2003
49 61
just as bad as raceism people can't do things because of their age

u can't drive until you are 16

i will sreve this man first because he is older
by anonumous December 29, 2004
47 102