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just another, shortened way of saying "later" or "goodbye".
Man, this kid's a Duff Head. I'm outta here....LATE!
by annonymus January 15, 2004
Crazy bastard from Gundam Wing who refers to his gundam, the Shenlong/Altron as "Nataku" and loves to talk to it ALL THE FRIGGIN' TIME, to discuss all matters be it his worthiness or his plans.
"Nataku, wanna get married? Nataku, don't reject me! Nooo!"
"Hey, that's Wu Fei!"
by annonymus February 07, 2005
A 3 foot asian kid with dreams of becoming a professinal go-go dancer. Hobbies include molesting trees, sleeping with migdets, and killing goldfish.
by annonymus September 10, 2003
Camper Staff Relationship
A staff member (counsler) and a camper going out
by annonymus May 13, 2004
when one gets tiny vaginas all over his body from acting like a coward
He would not go through a yellow light, he must be coming down with a case of vaginitis.
by annonymus February 20, 2005
a white gang member or "gang-banger"
(as opposed to a gangsta- a black gang member)
His want-to-be black outfit is so gangster.
by annonymus February 20, 2005

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