11 definitions by animedude

a stuck-up cunt
damn, Lacy Conner is a friggen constipant, I wish she'd just anorex herself to death.
by animedude April 27, 2004
some crap that people give you that they think will help you, but doesn't really. It really pisses you off, but you just not and go along with it, hoping they'll go away.
I was given the advice once that you should never eat a dirty girl or you'll get a tongue disease.
by animedude May 01, 2004
( Julio Iglesias 's Ass Falls Foward)

Result due to lifts and transplants on this Spanish singer.

Also a disease named after Julio
Uhhhh, you look like you've got the JIAFF!
by animedude April 10, 2004
the point of greatness that an asshole becomes obsessed with, despite it's only a fad
dude, quit riding your hype like it's the new wonderbread!
by animedude April 24, 2004

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