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Fine Enough To Fuck
examples of FETF's:
mariah carey
that chick in my math class
my friends mom
the other chick in my math class
defintely not the math teacher
jessica simpson
angelina jolie
christine millian
and yu can let your minds wander
by aniggathatluvswomen April 02, 2009
1.something you run from if you are black or hispanic

2.something that makes black people with nice things disappear fast

3.for some reason whenever they arrive theres no reason for them anymore

1. *gang of black people hear police siren*

2. my friend: hey brah nice 'forces
me: yeah i just bought them you like?
Friend: yea
*police sirens*
friend: woah police are coming
friend: Brah, Brah? where you go brah?

3. 911 dialer: theres a gang shooting at the intersection of miramar parkway and university drive
policeman: we are on it
*3 hours later bodies all over te floor*
policeman: ok we are here hey where is everyone?
by aniggathatluvswomen April 14, 2009

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