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You are getting your dick sucked for at least one hour straight then when ur about to cum u just dont u hold it in and tell ur girl fuck! i cant cum... look! and when she looks in ur pee hole u jerk ur penis like if pumping a shotgun and bust ur nut right on her forehead yelling BOOM! BITCH! GET OUT THE WAY!
Peaches: Hey Chance were did u run off too last night?

Chance: NIGGA i was bustin 60 Minute Shotgun Super Nut! all night i cant even cum anymore look... *Peaches looks*

Chance: *Jerks penis* BOOM BITCH! GET OUT THE WAY
#nigga #skeet box #60 #minute #shotgun #nut #double d #super soak that hoe
by angelesmadera April 03, 2008
Girl is giving u the best head u can get and u bust a big ass nut right in her throat on that little dagling thing in the back of her throat
My nigga what happen wit that girl u left wit da club with

She sucked my dick it was fucking the shit and i had no other option but to Super Soak That Bitch
#nigga #double d #trouser snake #love pole #skeet #skeeter #hoe #skeet boxing #nigga wit a brain #african elephant #one eyed panda
by angelesmadera April 02, 2008
U are on a beach and u dig two big fist size holes in the sand and cover them up with little branches and leaves. u wait till it gets dark and u bring ur girl out to have some anal sex and when u get a good rhythm going u move closer and closer to the hole till her hands fall in the holes and she cant move and u tap that ass all Night!
Girl: what the fuck last night my hands got stuck into 2 holes in the sand! and u went crazy on my asshole

Guy: hmm? really i think there is a word for that its: u have just been Jamaican Sand Trapped bitch!
#nigga wit a brain #nigga #double d #trouser snake #love pole #kus my kid
by angelesmadera April 02, 2008
when a girl is giving u head and ur about to cum u grab both her ears and cum in her mouth till ur nut comes out the sides of her cheeks
damn nigga were did u go?

to Shanelles house i got my african elephant

lol u were only gone for 2 minutes

bitch i got my nut!
#dick #kus my kid #nigga wit a brain #nigga #double d
by angelesmadera April 02, 2008
a fucking funny ass website were anybody can type some dumbass shit and get a grammy
Urban dictionary look this mo fucka up
#nigga #double d #kus my kid #love pole #nigga wit a brain
by angelesmadera April 02, 2008
while having anal sex a guy keeps tapping that ass till he nuts, he nuts on her asscheeks and with his balls waxes her ass
Jack: uhh Uhh UHH! im comming!.....on ur ass cheeks!
Jackina: omg! i love ur Brazillian Butt wax
#nigga wit a brain #double d #nigga #african elephant #jamaican sand turtle
by angelesmadera April 02, 2008
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