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3 definitions by andrew johnson

An Arabic Spinoff of a cartoon monkey and his butler that go around doing naughty things.
Dude John Chimpo is the funnyest thing ever!!
by andrew johnson April 16, 2004
when his album drops I'm sleeping outside of Sam Goody and purchase two copies of dat' nigga shit. March yall look out for ny man, Banks is on fiya!
"The only way I catch blueballs is if a bitch got blue lipstick"
by Andrew Johnson January 14, 2004
1.)The answer to any comment.
2.)The act of fucking someones couch
1.)Hey! get me some cheese
Hey...eff yo couch!
2.)You ever wonder what happened to your couch? you know that big hole that's in it? Yeah.. that was me. I effed yo couch.
by Andrew Johnson June 09, 2006