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To have self-belief or confidence in one's self.

Most commonly used in Australians.
Boy 1: "I don't know if Ashley will like me though, she's way too beautiful!"

Boy 2: "Back yourself James, you're a good guy!"
by andoi_25 July 08, 2014
G-Range is a public school found within the scummy streets of West suburban Melbourne.

People who go to the school are usually either gangsters, coons, gooks or asians, white people pretending to be black, and/or FOBs. Rarely does anyone/anything with credentials come out of G-Range. Activities involved within G-Range involve: drug dealing/taking/smuggling, gang fights/rape and sex in toilets. Most teachers at G-Range are just as bad (if not worse) than the students.

G-Range goes by the saying "G-What? G-Range!"
Gang Leader: G-What ?!?!?!

Crowd: G-Range !!!!
by andoi_25 September 02, 2008
a small suburb west of melbourne where heaps of crazy people live. just go to their train station if you want to check it out! 98% of all houses in laverton are commission housing provided at an extremely low cost by the government. which explains all the coons, drugos and crazy ass people.

if you get off at laverton train station. go up the ramp. and DO NOT TURN RIGHT! DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY THE COP SHOP ADJACENT TO THE TRAIN STATION! YOU JUST MIGHT BE KILLED!

Girl: Hey, can you come with me to laverton tomorrow?

Boy: Heck yes, i ain't letting you go there on your own!
by andoi_25 September 02, 2008

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