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A wireless computer, which can be placed on the lap. It is more commonly known as a "laptop".
Person one: hey, thats a swish looking lappy T!
Person two: no dick, this an apple mac.
by andIcall June 18, 2011
Cow Juice, also known as CJ, refers to the white liquid which is dispensed from cow's teats. It more commonly known as "milk".
Person one: we're all out of cow juice!
Person two: shit! what am i gonna have with my cereall?!
Person three: cow juice?
Person one: i call milk... COW JUICE.
by andIcall June 18, 2011
Another term for cigarettes.
Person one: hey, you got any smokey c's?
Person two: of course!
by andIcall June 18, 2011
Morning Dinner is eaten between 5am and 11am, after one has woken up. Examples include: cereal, toast and pancakes. It is more commonly referred to as "Breakfast".
Person one: do you want some pancakes for morning dinner?
Person two: hell no! its 1pm, time for lunch!
by andIcall June 18, 2011

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