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5 definitions by anamous

1)a best friend
2)a nice person
3)a class clown
4)someone who can make you laugh
5)a guy i know
Hi Trent!!!
by anamous April 30, 2004
when you are hanging out with people and then say you are going to go somewhere and will be right back, but really leave
i think he just pulled a sneeky john.
by anamous December 04, 2004
To cause/exploit a bug in a video game.
Dude, I drove into the stands by glitchinating Gran Turismo.
by anamous January 20, 2005
When Tess eats soo much shes becomes fat and round with just a crack for the mouth were she eats..therefor looking like an ass!
Tess you tubbie you've turned into an ASS!!
by anamous June 09, 2004
A dream i had last night.
I was in this large field, with a board showing charcters from animated TV shows i could kill with my massive sword. I woke up before i got to slay Emily
by anamous January 21, 2005