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Texting or i-chatting while intoxicated, generally to a detriment
Shelly sent a chunk drat to her boss last night. She got fired this morning.

John sent a chunk drat to his girlfriend at 3am, but it was a message meant for his booty call.
by analogpursuits May 21, 2013
Of or pertaining to a complete and utter mess, shambles, construct, mash-up, or fashion blunder. Completely jacked-up, in every sense, exuding the worst possible version of itself.
Uh, Francine, that science project has some serious janktitude. You're totally gonna get an F-.
by analogpursuits October 08, 2012
Someone who orders too many dresses online.
Janiqua is on a first-name basis with the delivery truck driver at work. She's been gownloading again.
by analogpursuits October 08, 2012

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