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3 definitions by anaginghipster

A chaotic and often goofy dance performed during moments of extreme excitement.
Tammy did a joyjig when she won the Hugo award for her recently published novel.
by anaginghipster January 23, 2013
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The endcap at Trader Joe's next to the checkout stand. This endcap contains every bit of chocolate yum-yum that someone experiencing PMS would ever want to nibble on.
I need to grab a bag of salted, chocolate caramels from the PMS endcap before I kill someone!
by anaginghipster January 15, 2013
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What Would Cave Man Do? A question asked when attempting to follow a paleolithic lifestyle. From meal planning, to problem solving to exercise routines, this question takes the person back to the root of the reason for the lifestyle.
I was going to eat a piece of cake at Grog's birthday party, but then i asked myself, WWCMD?
by anaginghipster January 25, 2010
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