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The art of shitting in a sock then spinning it above your head like a lasso. It can also be implied with an empty spinning hand.
I was at a meeting the other day that went on and on, to the point I had to simulate a shit lasso. That shut up the MD.
by amscray August 09, 2011
The anus.
Harvey: Hey John, take the wife anywhere nice recently?

John: As a matter of fact yes, right up her shit tap.

Harvey: Respect.
by amscray September 11, 2011
Term coined by psychologist Corinne Sweet, in response to a Travelodge survey which found that a quarter of Britons lie about their weekend activities to impress others. Envyous that other people are having more fun than them, while a weekend may consist of catching up on paperwork and being lazy, lies are told of extreme activities and derring do.
Anne: Blimey o'riley, did you hear what the MD's secretary was up to at the weekend? She's got it made!

Jemima: No, she's talking out of her arse, she's known for her weekendvy; she goes all Pinnochio every Monday morning.
by amscray September 11, 2011
A do-gooder who likes to clean up the streets after a riot. Names after the well known Wombles of Wimbledon Common, who make good use of the things that they find, the things that the everyday folk leave behind.
Look out for the riot wombles on their way to Clapham Junction. They'll be armed with strong language, brooms and bin bags.
by amscray August 09, 2011
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