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The lighting schedule for growing marijuana indoors. 12 hours of sunlight/12 hours of complete/uninterupted darkness.
Just finished the veg cycle, now its time to change from 16/8 to 12/12 in order to determine the sex of my plant.
by amp9041 January 01, 2006
A 360 Revolution of a skateboard with 1 Flip. Also see Tre flip or 360 Flip
See 360 flip
by amp9041 July 30, 2005
Marijuana that is flat in shape; usually low-grade.
I just picked up some cheap flatbud from my connect. Only 60$/oz.
by amp9041 January 01, 2006
When one's bong water is placed into a bowl, and soaked up with a towel. Usually takes 1-2 days to soak up, but the end result is whatever particles that were once in the bong water are now somewhat dry.
"Im droughting my bong water because im dry"
by amp9041 December 29, 2005
An ecstasy pill that is 3x the strengh of an average pill.
"I popped a triple stack last night and tripped my balls off.
by amp9041 January 01, 2006
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