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Something that, through social activity, proves that the United States citizens are slowly losing their freedoms. It is also a joke to try to use weasel words so to make sure nobody gets offended when, in the end, everything still is the same. Political correctness is also targeted only selected groups, which shows it's just another political play with racism and hatred.
Political Correctness in action...
Normal person: "That new movie 1408 looks good, plus it has good actors in it, too. I think that Samuel L. Jackson is one of the best black actors in Hollywood."
Politically correct person: "What?! How dare you use the B-word?! He's not the bad B-word, he's African American."
Normal person: "Um...o...k. Anyway, I also like John Cusack. He's one of my favorite white actors in Hollywood."
Poltically correct person: "Yeah, he's a pretty good actor."
#political correctness #politics #hatred #hate #racism #favortism
by amethyst June 05, 2007
Someone who wants to make sure that she is always in the spotlight. Once she begins to lose attention from the public, she will commit a publicity stunt to make sure she gets attention again, then create an excuse so not to admit that the recent event was intentional. She wants to make sure everyone remembers her, even if she has to do it by force (which she usually does).
Paris Hilton wishes to force herself into our dreams every night so to make sure we never forget her inevitable face.
#annoying #celebrity #attention whore #unpopular #antagonizing
by amethyst June 05, 2007
A concentration of white/black trash.
The Jerry Springer Show is hilarious to watch.
#jerry springer #white trash #black trash #hicks #perverts #shock value
by amethyst January 07, 2008
A brand that teaches kids through their commercials to be disrespectful towards their parents, despite the fact that the parents were the ones their wiping the kid's ass as a baby, cleaning-up their vomit, and taking care of them after a bad day at school. Most of all, they conveniently forget these parents are the one BUYING their capitalist merchandise.
Eggo waffle teaching disrespect, hatred, and emotional distance from their parents? Can somebody say "Hitler?"
#hitler #anti-parent #assholes #capitalism #disrespect #fuck you mom and dad attitude promotion #boycott eggo
by amethyst August 09, 2007
Someone whose ass looks even worse ever since she had her ribs removed.
Ew it's just gross and looking. :-&
by amethyst April 22, 2005
What anyone who reinacts any stunt from "Jackass" lacks.
It's sad that some people are so incredibly stupid that they reinact shit like that.
by amethyst April 19, 2005
Sometimes really great to have around the house, but other times annoying as hell.
Computers are the inanimate version of kids.
by amethyst April 19, 2005
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