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A Sloane is anyone who involves themselves in the “wild” public school* social life, and has a little too much money to burn. Traditionally, the Sloane is female, but nowadays males have been welcomed into the category, with their own distinct form of Sloaneyism. Sloanes tend to spend much of their free life mindlessly wandering up and down the King’s Road and the immediate area of Chelsea, making use of a specialist tool known as “Daddy’s Credit Card” with the traders of the area.

* A public school is a paid-for educational institution, often with boarding houses. The idea behind them is that someone pays for you to gain a superior education, which allows you to earn plenty of money to get your children a superior education, which allows them to... etc. etc. until one of your offspring blows all his money on a twin-engined chocolate orange making machine
typical Sloane conversation:

"Felicity- ought we to tell Poppy-Mae that her earrings are only half a carat? She may make an awful faux-pas..."

"best not, Constance...she may tell Alexander, and then Daddy will never let us go to the Gymkhana this weekend."
by amberbamber September 03, 2005
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