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When a slice of orange is interted into the anus as a prank; preferably of the mandarin or satsuma variety.
"Hey, man, you got any of those little oranges?"
"No, dude, why?"
"Ed's passed-out in the back. Chocolate orange!"
by Alan O'Neil March 02, 2007
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Anal sex with a ginger chick.
Brian - 'do you want some chocolate orange?'
Sharon - 'let me grab the lube'
by Supersteve November 19, 2013
Military term meaning chocolate starfish, ringpiece, anus, rectum etc. etc.. Comes from
I'd like to unwrap her chocolate orange. Sometimes shortened to just 'Tap it, unwrap it' (Extra clue - reove the foil from a Terry's chocolate orange and look at it from the 'North Pole') - see the resemblance ?
by Nick C March 07, 2003

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