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Down For The Count.

When someone(or something) gets hits/slammed/knocked out/"pwned"/etc.

Originally a boxing term.

Also, dftc.
Guy 1: "Did you see that guy fall off of his bike?"
Guy 2: " Yeah, he was d4tc."
by amazing0187 December 08, 2009
When you have no good video games to play at a certain time. Whether if it's you've beaten every game you have, or if you're just over all of them.
GUY 1: "uh, I'm so bored right now, I wish i wasn't game dead"


GUY 1: "dude, why aren't you ever online anymore?"
GUY 2: "I'm game dead, there's nothing to play."
by amazing0187 June 24, 2010
When you double press the 'last button' on your TV remote control to check the last channel you were on or to see what's going on in the other show.
Person1: "Man, do you remember what we were watching? I just blanked."
Person2: "i'll check during commercial, hold on."
Person1: "No. Do it now. Last blast."
by amazing0187 September 17, 2010
to kill someone, particularly in a video game.
*a guy playing Grand Theft Auto 4, and after brutally murdering someone*

"DRAINED!" or "man, I just drained him"


*a guy playing Call Of Duty online, after sniping a noob*
by amazing0187 November 16, 2009
Poop; Crap; etc.
Guy 1: "Man, my stomach hurts."
Guy 2: "Oh. Whats wrong?"
Guy 1: "Ah, nothing, i think i just have to take a derb."


"I have to take a fat derb."
by Amazing0187 January 13, 2010
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