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originally, it was a cable channel with cool music and music guru's called "veejays."

NOW, it is a teen demographic channel by reinforcing typical teen steriotypes (I.E. emo, gansta, so on.) If i had to bet on it, i'd say MTV has contributed directly to the teen pregancy rate. It features shows as "teen mom" (SEIRIOUSLY? YOURE GONNA MAKE A SHOW ABOUT PREGNANT TEENS?!?!) all commercails are either from Cell ringtones featuring old songs or "designer clothing" outlets, how often does this channel play MUSIC? once a week. saturday mornings. NOT teen prime time. it makes me sad about the state of today's teenagers.
VH1 is much better then MTV, it has music 24/7.

the only worse channel is TLC, which is a 24-hour network of " say yes to the dress"
by Amazeman November 09, 2010
When you willingly do something stupid, knowing its stupid, for no obvious reason, and loudly proclaiming afterward, WHY DID I DO THAT?!?!?!
Guy: remember the 2004 election? Why did we elect george bush!?!?

Guy 2: Yeah, we TOTALLY bushed.
by Amazeman November 29, 2010
A synonym for "Me" invented by the same annoying idiots that invented LOL, XD, OMG, and countless others.
this is one word in a language used by those annoying idiots to sound cute.
1. OMG meh car alarm went off!

2. Can i'z have meh burgeh?

(Can i have my burger?)
by amazeman October 31, 2010
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