8 definitions by alyssa n jaylene

a piece of ham on top of a cracker smothered in a layer of lotion. good for the soul
" hey can i have one of dem lotion cakez?"
"notta day all out."
"fuck you"
by alyssa n jaylene March 24, 2008
when u take a musturd botil and squeeze the hell out of it and it makes a luhg sound
hey i love squeeze luhg on my toast
by alyssa n jaylene September 08, 2008
when u see ur friend lane walking down the halls of dairy kween
lane is loving my dairy kwen cakes fucked on the freezer shelf lane walking
by alyssa n jaylene September 08, 2008
when ur ass deside is want a peef weat square from the rink. then u pop in one dolla dolla bill ya and out come the peat weef. MM GOOD NESS
i like eating peffy weats
by alyssa n jaylene November 09, 2008
a slice of creamed bread with a thick tuna rum on top. you just cut up the tuna aand fuck it on ur gental then put it on the loaf bye
i love loafs bye,
tuna loaf was an invention
by alyssa n jaylene September 08, 2008
a fucked up lamb chopped into three sheds, smothered in a thick sauce served for christmas dinner.
hey i fuckin love lamb sauce.
hey me too.
fuck my saucey eating.
by alyssa n jaylene September 08, 2008
a bitchy person with big lips.
"hey whats up?"
"shut up bitch lips"
by alyssa n jaylene May 01, 2008

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