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Combination of the names Mulder and Scully to refer to their relationship.
Didn't Sculder do a good job on that case?

Sculder was so cute at the end of that episode.
by Aly and Annie August 11, 2006
fan term for Crossing Jordan characters Lily and Bug. simple combination of the names of two lovers
1. LilyBug are in loveeee
2. LilyBug WHB!!!
by aly and annie August 11, 2006
An abbreviation for Will Have Babies. Usually used as a chant of sorts for fans of a television show, movie or book to express their love for the relationship of two characters.
TKWHB = Tony and Kate Will Have Babies
by Aly and Annie August 11, 2006
1.fan name for Crossing Jordan characters, woody and jordan.
2. used to describe the dysfunctional relationship of woody and jordan
1. WoJo are sooo in love
2. WoJo will have babies
3. WoJo is trust!
by aly and annie August 11, 2006
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