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5 definitions by alxorange

A nerd so nerdy that other less nerdy nerds make fun of him/her. (This only applies to people over the age of 12.)
Nerd: I really enjoy Star Wars.

Pleeb: Well, I own the limited edition gold plated Han Solo in Carbonite collector plate. I paid $950.00 for it on eBay.

Nerd: You're a fucking pleeb, dude.
by alxorange November 07, 2009
56 19
A shit that, upon inspection, is two different shades.
Pete: Holy shit, dude...your shit is two different shades of brown!

Mike: That's a deep dump. Straight from the gullet.
by alxorange November 08, 2009
20 4
When, while in the process of wiping your anus, you get poo on your fingers. Now it has to be decided whether you pull up your pants with shit-fingers, or you penguin walk to the sink, pants around ankles, to wash your hands first.
This excessive diarrhea made me get shit all over my hands. I'm in a public restroom, and need to wash off my hands, but I don't want to walk out there with my pants around my ankles. Jeez...this is quite a cuck-nundrum!
by alxorange December 09, 2009
17 5
A shit so giant that it clogs up the toilet upon first flush.
1. Damn, Johnny left a crugger in the toilet and now it's clogged.
by alxorange November 08, 2009
18 6
A hot fudge-like shit mess quickly followed and mixed with a sandy peanut buttered shit.
Gregg: Damnit....that weird New York food I ate is ready to be born again. I think I feel a muddler coming! Fuuuuuuuuck!!
by alxorange July 09, 2012
0 1