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a label is typical human nature
generally people don't like to be labeled, but it's often half their fault. if emo is the only thing you give off, expect to be called it
but labeling isn't a good thing to do, no matter how "emo" or whatever someone is. labeling is judgement
a label is calling someone prep because they're wearing an abercrombie tshirt
by always-searching June 02, 2006
scene is those kids who overdo their personal photoshoots by their obscure camera angles and excessive amounts of makeup, so we have no idea what they actually look like.
they seem cool, but they're just trendy.
and their nexopia and myspace pages are the same way. they're overdone and colourful. you have no idea what this person is actually like.
scene kids are the ones with over eight pictures on their nexopia or myspace page that are all from a self indulgent photoshoot that they dressed up for
by always-searching June 02, 2006
prep is very easy to define. preps are kids who simply want to dress what's exactly in style, don't want to be weird in any way and embrace their stylish conformity. preps are the ones who try to look hot in their nex pictures. preps often face the hardship of coming to school wearing a new and trendy tshirt they got at american eagle and see another girl with exactly the same shirt on. preps don't want to be an individual. preps want to be popular as badly as emo kids want to be anti-conformist.
a prep loves nothing more than to go to the mall with her friends and buy lots of cute clothes for the sake of spending money, and work their way up the social monarchy of junior highschool and on.
by always-searching June 02, 2006

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