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hottzy is a versatile word. Always used in sarcastic ways, it usually refers to something that is dumb, ugly, stupid, really lame or gay. Pretty much can be used to describe anything in a bad way. Something that isn't cool.
"My hair is so hottzy today."
"Hey hottzy."
"Ew, wtf is her face? She is so hottzy looking."
"Stop acting hottzy."
"That's hottzy."
"She was acting reetzy and being real hottzy. Her hair looked reall cutezy too. I'm like, 'yeah your reall good'."
by all.night.raver March 06, 2009
Something or person that can be described as retarded. Slang term. Also the same as a "reeter" or "reet".
"That's reetzy."
"You're acting like a total reetzy. You reeter."
"God, this homework is so reetzy."
"My parents are acting so reetzy I can't even handle it! My life is sooo hottzy."
by all.night.raver March 06, 2009
Used as a sarcastic term. Something that is definitely not cute. Used to describe people, clothes, hair, objects...
"Ew, that picture is cutezy."
"He looks reall cutezy. Hottzy hair he has too."
"That reetzy over there has reall goody hottzy hair going on. Dyke cut."
by all.night.raver March 06, 2009
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