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2 definitions by alip.21

omni- = all
-ous = full of

omnious = all full of everything
Tom - "god is omniscient and omnipresent AND omnipotent

Me - "so what i'm omnious"
by alip.21 October 19, 2010
Used to describe an amazingly cool person in the south of England but refers to a moronic retard in the North, Wales and Scotland. Can be used to mean beer in Ireland and in most places of the UK
Person 1: How's your time in Manchester ?
Person 2: Fine apart from my new room mate is a complete jackalaka
Person 1: Thats a shame. Maybe you should throw him out the window whilst you sleep
Person 2: That's a bit mean. He isn't that bad a jackalaka unlike my classmate Jack.
by alip.21 November 23, 2009