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A phrase used to describe the violence that will be used when some girl who thinks she's all that and a bag of chips steps out of line and starts in on someone else's business. Can also be used to describe the way one will react when aforementioned skankbag steps out of line. See bitches gonna get stitches
Girl 1: Yo, you hear about what Shawna did this weekend?
Girl 2: No, what?
Girl 1: Shawna got drunk, went over to her boyfriend's house, slept with him, then dumped him and went over to Carla's boyfriend's house, told him Carla was cheating on him with her boyfriend, and then slept with him.
Girl 2: Ohhh, she knows Carla lives by bitches get stitches, don't she?
by alice_october November 16, 2009

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