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2 definitions by algo

Wearing trousers that pull up so tightly in the crotch that the chuff will be liable to suffocate (particularly if the trousers in question are of the man made variety).
If those trousers were any tighter she would chuffocate.
by ALGO February 11, 2012
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Etymology: Polite/flippant alternative to "fuck", perhaps a contraction of "foo" and "fanagle".

(transitive verb)
1: to casually or passively experiment with something, especially something that is complex and which usually requires an intimate working knowledge.
2: to examine or assess something by brute-force or random testing.

(intransitive verb)
1: to study irrelevant things at an inappropriate time.
2: to futz
"I'm foogling with this car engine."

"He never gets any work done, as he spends all his time foogling around on his computer."
by algo October 15, 2003
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