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Expression uttered by George Carlin. Technically a person would rather leave a shit than take one.
Alfie said, "Hey I'm gonna go take a shit in your restroom"

George said, "You better not take one of mine!"

Why would you want to take a shit?!?!

If anything you want to leave a shit.

-George Carlin
by alfienukka February 24, 2009
This word has various definitions and is used to replace certain words.

1).To get crunk

2). When you get screwed or fucked with or if you screw or fuck someone over. Also if you prank or joke someone.
3). If you out do someone or get out done.
4) Giving caution to someone.
5) Etc. Try and use in proper context at your disgression.
1). "Dude we are gonna go to Shakespeares bar and are gonna get nigga'd."
2). "I just nigga'd that motherfucker" or "That motherfucker just nigga'd me."
3) "That guy gets out nigga'd by that fool in drinking" or "Man I just got out nigga'd at singing"
4) "Hey becareful with that hole in the ground, i don't want you to get nigga'd"
by alfienukka January 01, 2010
When your muscles are filled with blood after an intense workout.
Jacob: Hey Alfie, did you just finish working out?

Alfie: Yeah!!

Jacob: Nice body boner.
by alfienukka February 01, 2010
When a person has to make a bowel movement, usually a person of the African-American race.
Say man, i gotta go boo boo.
by alfienukka February 24, 2009
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