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The most amazing band to ever walk this earth. The band consists of three brothers, Kevin (19), Joe (18), and Nick (15). They are Christains, whom all three wear purity rings. If you do research, they are the funniest, sweetest most gentlemenly friendly guys ever.

Most haters who are defining them as "shitty" and "fags" only hate them because their music is not about sex, money & violence. Their music has actual meaning to it with a great message.

They make tight jeans look sexy, despite what all you baggy jeaned, boxer-showing thugs think.

No, I'm not a little ten year old girl with their faces plastered all over her wall. No, I don't shout "hip hip, hurray" when High School Musical or Hannah Skanktana is on.
I'm almost sixteen, and I don't watch anything except MTV, where it has all those rap songs that disgrace girls by referring to us as bitches & pussy - and it makes me sick.
Girl #1: Oh my gawd, I'm going to a Jonas Brothers concert tonight! YAY!!!

Girl #2: Ugh, you bitch! Why didn't you get an extra ticket for me?

Girl #1: What the hell, you whore. I did!

Girl #2: OMG! You did! YAY I love you!

Thug #1: What hell yo. You bitches are getting all excited to see them mother fucking fags. Their jeans are so tight you can see their cock.

Girl #2: At least they have one!

Kristen: OMG Hayley. I made a shocking discovery today and I'm really pissed.

Hayley: What?

Kristen: The Jonas Brothers wear purity rings. Even though it turns me on, how am I supposed to fuck them?

Hayley: Rip that ring off and say "Woops, it fell down the drain."
by alexamichelle July 10, 2008

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