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11 definitions by alexa and aisha

An english term used to describe someone who is generally a pain in the buttock and gets on your tits.

there is also a shop called nincumsoop in westfield shopping centre and it sucks ass so don't go there secksay.
Aisha: OMFG. your like the biggest nincumpoop in the history of mankind. GET YOUR SEXY ASS OVER HERE AND GIZZUS A HUMP.
Alexa: Sure babs.

Aisha: wooooo sexy temps
by Alexa and Aisha August 01, 2009
A synthesised fabric coated with a layer of Aloa Vera which obsourbs the licquid coming out a males penis.
Daymm girl i needa PENIS WIPE!!.
by Alexa and Aisha August 01, 2009
cum freq
is a short term for cumulative frequency according to mrs bunting but can be interpreted as an individuals obsession with spunk.
Miss.b- we are studying CUM FREQ
Class- Yay SPUNKY TIME!!
by Alexa and Aisha August 01, 2009
A deep hole underneath your arm, which if not managed properly can become hairy, or sweaty and you may need to get your claws down there and give it a scratch.
i nearly got it, just right there, Yes in my itchpit
by Alexa and Aisha August 01, 2009
A foreign dessert that can make you feel better once you've had un pretected sex.
Aisha-Omg i slept with Bill and didnt use a condom
Alexa- Awh, sokay babe have some lubricant pie
by Alexa and Aisha August 01, 2009
This is differemt to the classical word embryo becuase this is a guy called rio (japanesse dude) and he looks like he belong in a womens womb
dude that embrio guy is totally off the hook he needs to go back where he came from.
by Alexa and Aisha January 30, 2009
This is when you let an accidental spurt of pee trickle into the bath causing a ray of sunshine to enlighten the water. You then have to resort to refilling the entire bath unless you feel the urge to wash in your own urine.
Which is pretty damn sexual TBH.
Alexa: *on the phone* AISHEEEEE i peed in the bath. Help me mofo.
Aisha: Oki sexy ill be right over and bottle that sunshine bath
Alexa: wooooooo sexy temps
by Alexa and Aisha August 01, 2009