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Join the mile high club. To have sex on a plane. Generally once it's up in the air (hence the mile high) Also included in Nickelback Rockstar lyrics:
gonna join the mile high club at 37 000 feet.
"I hope i join the mile high club on the way to Madrid next week!"
by alex.x April 02, 2008
well just argue
shortcut of words generally used by IM users
Alex:she was so out of order to me though!
Sam:what did she say?
Alex:she said that my boyfriend was an ugly shit
Sam:thats out
by alex.x April 04, 2008
Rubbish. Especially. Someone. Pretending. Exactly. Crap. Time?
Words that dont make sense when yu write them out but when used in a conversation make perfect sense and afterwards everyone can burst into song. R-E-S-P-E-C-T FIND OUT WHAT IT MEANS TO ME!
james:omg RUBBISH
sam: yea ESPECIALLY her bit
callum: SOMEONE stop her
robert: im only PRETENDING to listen
james: EXACTLY
sam: shes CRAP
callum: whats the TIME?
callum: jeez we are better than she is!
by alex.x April 04, 2008

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