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the land of fat, beer guzzling, burger munchin', oil stealing, capitalist pigs, dumb-ass bandits who support their counrty, even tho they havnt actually done anything to shape the world in any way. They loose their own wars due to being so cockey and un-trained, always need the british to bail them out, they don't have any understanding of foreign culture and seem to think they won world war 2 on their own. Try and be the idle of the world and americanise things such as films to swing in favour of them by changing historic events on film. Run by a 2 bit red neck who don't even know anything at all, its scray that he has power and yet dosn't know how to chew a pretzil. Gun toting hooligans who all base them selves on cheesy shows.
american pilot 1 - quick, shoot that british tank it ,dosn't have an american flag!
american pilot 2 - roger that goose, im going in top gun style...
they come in to land on the aircraft carrier after a morning of british tank busting
american pilot 1 - this is goose requesting a fly past at an incredibly unrealstic altitiude while playing 'take my breath away'
air traffic controller - roger thats a go, do it for the americans...(queue american flag drops down in background)
by alex hennessy August 21, 2006
A chav is some-one who thinks their hard but they're really not. Listens to all that dj cammy shit (the chipmonk whos balls are still cemented to his stomach) which isnt even music, its just one crappy beat with 9 songs mixed into it. They listen to this on their shitty stolen samsung D500 which they stole off of they're nan most probably. They walk swaying their arms like a chimp, in groups of about 5 preying on innocent OAP'sm mugging them for a bag of chips, a bus ticket home and some shaaving fome. Their main greeting is 'shit boh' oh 'yes blod' and they have their own means of communication. They all have more greese on their faces than a mcdonalds fryer, wear white nike Tn tracksuits which are too big, wear matching hats, white Tn shox and fake 'tommy hilfinger' boxers. They all ride ridiculously small mini motos which should be blown up, with the chav on it.
a chavs conversation
'shit boh, what u been up to blod' said big dave
'not much yeah, got some dj cammy on ma mums phone now' replied lil jon
'lets have a listen' asked big dave. they listened to the shit.
'ahhh thats well good mush, gotta bang that outter ma dads vectra sum time'
by alex hennessy August 02, 2006

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