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an amazing band that noone cares about anymore cept for the last few remaining devo fans. what happened to this amazing band i guess noone respects 80's magic anymore. it means de-evolution which in turn means the decline of science and modern technology until eventually we are once again apes. im sorry if i offended those of you who believe in the bible creation stories i know its not politically correct but please dont sue me.
some good Devo songs are working in a coal mine, gates of steel, whip it, bread and butter, be stiff, just a girl, and many more
by alex z April 19, 2006
when something so stupid and random happens the only three words tht can be said are wtf
i was watchin dr. phil this one time when suddenly dr. phil used the analogy "thats like havin a tooth with no toothbrush" i was so pissed off the only three words tht could be said were wtf
or when u flip on mtv and see some ass clown rappin bout bangin some ho or gettin some bling. tht is the ultimate wtf moment
by alex z April 19, 2006

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