13 definitions by alejandro

a specific event in which a person "pulls something out of his ass"-unbelievable
"That half-court shot was such a tree, that guy is treeing so badly"
by alejandro September 13, 2003
shwacked (v): the act of getting drunk
(n): alchohol
(adj): being really drunk
(v): I got hella shwacked last nite.
(n): I got some shwack in the back of the car.
(adj): Sean was so shwacked last nite.
by alejandro December 05, 2004
Pendehomie refers to "pendejo" in spanish meaning in english stupid or dumb
Hey ese Ill sell you un dulce for $2.00. No, way homes Im not un Pendehomie.
by Alejandro March 04, 2005
What Alex missed for being a fucking boludo..
Alex was gonna FAMAP this saturday, but instead will stay home watching Van Dammes movies...
by Alejandro October 06, 2004
In most part of Texas chinga tu madre means "fuckyou"
I dont like you bitch. Well then chinga tu madre I don't like you either puta.
by Alejandro March 04, 2005
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