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The choice of the written word over the lowliest ho.
Ray: I was going to go out with this skank last night, but I decided to stay in for a hot date with the Atlantic Monthly instead. I chose prose before hos.
by alecb May 07, 2007
When an obviously unattractive or disfigured celebrity is heralded by quotidian females as the pinnacle of beauty much to the bemusement of heterosexual males.
Jim: Man, I just had a terrible blind date set up by your girlfriend. She claimed that she was hot, but when I sat down, all I saw was an anorexic harpy with a botched nose job.

Johnny: You're a victim of the Sarah Jessica Parker effect.
by alecb June 25, 2007
A person who solely bangs Jews. May be pursued in New York City, Connecticut, LA, or South Beach. The online variant is JDate, which is syonymous for 'too ugly for real life'.
Who did Sholum Ghoulenstein bring home tonight?
Ah, you know that jew banger -- just some one-martini whore from JDate
by alecb August 08, 2007
When an upper or middle class person suddenly becomes hard around the presence of colored or lower class individuals.
Winthrop: Why is Regebald talking so oddly?
DuPont: Oh, you know how we gets around black people, talking like he's ghetto and faking the funk.
by alecb June 03, 2007
To be swindled, tricked, or otherwise deceived in a monetary transaction (most likely committed by a jew).
Fuck! I got jew banged by that salesmen for the extended warrenty!
by alecb August 08, 2007
To be screwed by one's Asian peers.
Janey: Tao and Mao crashed my car after I let them borrow it.
Raney: Yah, they pulled a pearl harbor!
by alecb May 03, 2006
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