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To add 141 at the start of phone number when calling them to make the number appear as witheld. Useful for making prank calls, or if you don't want the other person to know who's calling them.
oi ring dat lil fassy now but make sure you 141 it.
#prank #mobile #witheld #number #digits
by albizzle February 28, 2008
The most shittest saves you can possibly recieve on a cigarette, because it's literally at the butt. Derived from the popular chav holiday destination Butlins.
Person A: Saves up please mate.
Person B: Alright.
..few tokes later
Person B: Here y'are.
Person A: Fuckin' hell mate thats buttlins.
#saves #fag #twos #benson #butt
by albizzle February 28, 2008
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