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\ˈlənch-ˈbläkeng\ The act of preventing or postponing someone from going to lunch through actions such as scheduling meetings, asking questions, or starting discussions at or near lunch time for the target of the block.
Fred: Where were you? We missed you at lunch.

Bob: My boss scheduled a meeting from 11AM - 2PM today. I was totally lunch-blocked.

Fred: Yeah, my boss was totally lunch-blocking me all last week when he would pop-in to my office at 10:55 for a status report knowing I always go to lunch at 11AM!
by akrazo September 14, 2011
exotic dancers who work during the day and are typically less "talented" than night and weekend staff.
Bob - "Did you hear that Tom is dating an exotic dancer?"

Tom - "Really? I didn't think he could pull it off!"

Bob - "Don't be so impressed, she's only a "day stripper"."
by akrazo December 10, 2009
\fōk-skōp-ən\ - to observe people typically without their knowledge in their natural environment and be as unobtrusive as possible.
I was folkscopin' all the people downtown yesterday before the basketball game.
by akrazo January 29, 2009
\flī-wol-ən\ - To observe the people around you and not attract any attention as if you were a fly on the wall
Man, I was flywallin on the couch at this party and these two girls started making out right in front of me and left when I asked to join them.
by akrazo January 29, 2009
\pər-sō-nə-vyü\ - To watch a person or people, as a pastime or for entertainment
Dude, I’m really bored. Ya wanna go personaview at the mall?
by akrazo January 29, 2009
A contraction of the action of people watching
Man, I pwatched this hot girl arguing with her friends at this restaurant until they noticed me and left.
by akrazo January 29, 2009
\dē-mäs-skōp\ - To covertly examine the interactions of human subjects in a natural setting
I had to demoscope the scene around my friends at the bar to make sure my crazy ex wasn't there before joining them.
by akrazo January 29, 2009

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