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1 definition by aklreinsat-a

A guy who doesn't know if he is ganster, country, or skater. Dumps girls via TEXT MESSAGE. Failure at life, can't commit. Leads on girls, then goes back to his EX GIRLFRIEND who is a total BOOOOOOOTYCALLLLL. Dumb pothead, who lies about everything. Likes a lot of whores, thinks he is toooo cool for colllege, and has friends that are cooler than him. More than likely will lead you on and then dump you for no good reason at all. After he dumps you, you will be MORE THAN RELIEVED though.
Girl 1: "He seems really cool"
Girl 2: "What's his name?"
Girl 1: "Josh"
Girl 2: "NO girl, he is a total player"
Girl 1: "Oh, dang"
by aklreinsat-a April 26, 2011