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a phrase for when a woman gets pregnant to get a boyfriend because she doesn't have either
a.self esteem
c.a heart or

this phrase is used to describe a person who does not nessecarly have a child to trap the man she's with, but rather get pregenant and have a baby to attract a man because she feels that is the only way she can get a relationship.
I was lonley and boerd so I went out and was a kodimel and got pregnant. about fourteen months later I had a new car a place to live for free plus a husband.

dude.it isint cool to be a kodimel
by akasinister April 06, 2009
1.a town in southeastren ct. it is really not much of a city about a fourth of a mile long main street. with some other streets that come off from it with apartments. also there are not many jews

popular things to do in jewett city are hang out at the heart of the town and drink at the two bars. there are three pizza places durin the day. the most exciting thing is the flea market that is only open on sunday. where you can buy some kicks for twenty bucks. there is a tabacoo store. a rather slow paced town where everyone knows yer name. people r always trying to leave but most keep coming back. down the street there is a walmart in the neighbooring town.
norwich. a very scummy town often called the armpit of connecticut. is close by. jewett city is the first stop at an attempt of city life. as you get further down 395 you will eventually step city by dim crummy city till you get to the heart of ct. hartford citys like bridgeport...untill eventually you'll end up going thru new york and new jersy. the metropilis of america.
ex I went to jewett city and got into a fight at the tabacoo barn. but I rsther live here than in norwich
by akasinister April 04, 2009

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